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Step 7)  Your best critic – Part 24




Your best critic
It is YOU, and always has been.
Get used to relying on your own judgement of things.
After all it is your song.
Take pride in your own creation and how you want your song to be presented to the world.

the gace of a beingThe tendency to want to be or sound like someone else, is not a native urge, although it may seem that way to you at times.

Sounding original means being true to yourself, even if your final song resembles some other song. The unique difference would be you know it is your song because you took the trouble to   make it completely your own song.

Being yourself, making your song your own by ensuring what you create represents how you see the world, and not compromising with what you know to be true, are sacred disciplines you should introduce to yourself gradually, until they become second nature.  These exercises are a good starting point for such a venture.

When you want to critique your song, listen to it like a listener would.

Keep doing that until you feel objectively at ease with critiquing your own songs.

step 7 part 15How a listener responds to your song is personal preference mostly, but their understanding of songs can also influence their response.

Use how they respond to help you make your song better, but don’t be unkind to yourself in the process, and always make any improvements  your own before finalizing them.

Develop your own confidence in your own ability to create beauty and inspiration.

And protect it!


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