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Step 7) How to Compose your Music – Part 9



What is a completed song?

One of the main things you would notice when deciding if your song is a completed song, would be it clearly communicates everything you put into it including yourself, and how you uniquely look at things from your own perspective.

You would also have certainty that your song is going to connect with people, which is further explained  here.


Step 8 part 1c jpegVital info: Always keep in mind when writing a song’s music or lyrics, a basic step is to become very intimate with your overall intended message you want the song to communicate. Make your intended message totally your own so the initial inspiration and emotion of the song comes across as yours, and yours alone. You should persist until you have that certainty.

As a result of doing that, the emotion, melodies, timing, and all the ingredients you want to put into your song will probably start appearing to you more naturally, and without strain, and you become confident they communicate your song message in the way you want.

The above could be likened to a scenario where you had just “one chance” to say something really important to that special person. Most likely you prepared what you were going to say so when you communicated your innermost feelings, both of you were happy you said it, and you felt like they understood how you really felt.

You see the point…. You responded appropriately to that “one chance” necessity level because you considered that special person important enough that they should really understand what you wanted to say to them.

Creating a Great Song demands • you create your own necessity level also, as you are communicating to listeners you don’t know. It could be as simple as sorting out within yourself an exciting or interesting enough purpose or message for your song which you want your listeners to know about too, and you create enough • intention and • passion to project it into them. 

People also like feeling lots of space around them when communicated to, so get your intention and attention way out there.

If you can love them through your song just like that special person mentioned above, you’ve crossed a big hurdle to being a successful songwriter and performer of Great Songs.

Do this quick exercise
Take the notes and/or chords C, Em, F and G, and experiment around with these until you end up composing a simple song that you like, and put some words to it too.

Now make it into a completed song by making each part of your newly created song your very own in whatever way that makes sense to you.

End this exercise when you feel your newly created song is one you like.

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