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Step 7) How to Compose your Music – Part 3




Songwriting usually begins….
As a spirit you decide you want to write a song or a piece of music by itself, to communicate something to others, or maybe to just yourself. 

Without the use of a body you can only use telepathy to communicate to others, so, you would need to create a virtual workspace (which you innately do anytime you want to work out your ideas), and a body, which could play those ideas and sing them so your song could be heard. After all we do live in a physical universe, and using sound is the most familiar way to communicate.

As you are able to read this, it is presumed you already have a body in usable condition. (smile)

Songs are an aesthetic way to communicate, and people like listening to them as it makes them feel better, and often inspired.

When a composer performs his or her song and is willing to focus all of their own attention and energy on every note, chord, melody and voice generated, and demand that others helping perform the song do the same, they are well on their way to achieving the miracle of a Great Song.

These exercises if not done already will help you achieve that intensity of focus

Important note
The sequence of composing a song with the lyrics first and then the music has been chosen as the Songwriting Model to base the info in this website on so as to give a foundation to work off.

It is understood that some Songwriters may prefer to compose the music first and then the lyrics, or compose them concurrently, or just write a piece of music with no lyrics. Always your choice.

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