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Step 7) How to Compose your Music – Part 25


Repetitive listening to your song works

Re-listening to your song at random times over a week or two, takes advantage of the fact that you may be feeling or thinking differently each time.
Listening to it as though you have never heard it before is key, and it also may surprise you how much easier it makes the process of simplifying and refining it, and do that until you reach that point where you KNOW WITH CERTAINTY your song is just the way you want it to be.

Practical Exercise Step 7) Part 25
Emphasis is on gaining the confidence that you can know when your song is just the way you want it, and that you have a simple way to achieve that by yourself.

1)  Simply listen to your song multiple times over a period of a week or two, whenever you think of it or feel like it.
2)  Make any changes or refinements as you see the need.
3)  Keep listening to your song until you reach that point when you are certain it is just the way you want, and you feel no need to think about it anymore. It is complete.
4)  Pick another song of yours and repeat steps 1) – 3) above.
5)  Keep repeating the above steps until you know you can do it.

End Result
You have no doubts you can finalize a song you have composed just the way you want because you have a way to do that and know you can.

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