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The importance of staying calmly focused – Part 23




Calm focus cannot be stressed enough 
Staying calmly focused with all of your intention and attention on what you are composing right now, will result not only in an ideal place to compose from, but a separation out from all the baggage and noise that seems to attach to us as we live, and a much better perception of what it feels like to just be yourself.

Important point to remember
As you improve your ability to compose and perform, make sure you     make that newfound ability completely your own by using it a lot, and, also including it within your calm focus.

Conditional: It is not recommended you do any free online courses or exercises linked to below unless you have a genuine and willing interest to do them.

The following link is being repeated in case you now see you need it to  help you get more focused. Also look over  these other composing interferences as they may be affecting your ability to stay calmly focused in the moment you are in right now.

Sect A - Step 14gSomething to keep in mind about focusing
The benefits of you being calmly and completely focused on what you are doing in the moment you are in now, allows you to do what you want within a world constantly distracted by the allure of bodies and physical possessions normally thought of as more important than you. A Great Song depends on that.

Just because you’re a spirit and can’t be seen, doesn’t mean you’re a nobody.

All the info in Sections A, B, C, D, E, F,G & H is written with the overall intention that whatever you create, and however you create it, the more you deeply connect emotionally with your listeners, the better your song will be.

You will gradually build a personal certainty within yourself if you compose with that mindset, and your songs will get better and better, and you will like them more and more, and so will others.

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