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Step 7) How to Compose your Music – Part 15



The Key & Scale should match the emotion
Choose, if not already done, the key and scale you wish to use for your song. You can use more than one scale and key in a song or piece of music if you wish.

 Here are details on the 12 keys

Some more info on keys & scales

And here is some more info on keys and scales

• Listen to the different scales

 Here is a description of the different emotions each music key generates

Choose a scale you like the sound of, and feel would go well with the song you want to compose, and matches the emotion you have chosen for your song

If you need to, play or sing each note of the scale until you feel comfortable with playing or singing each note. Really become familiar with the sounds the scale makes, by varying the sequence you play the notes. 

Do this until you are completely satisfied you have the right scale for your intended song.

You can do the same thing with each of the 12 keys unless you have already decided on a key for your song based on past experience. 

Different keys and different scales make different combinations of sounds for you to create and experiment with. Experimenting with them will also give you more ideas for your melodies.

Practical Exercise Step 7) Part 15
Decide on a key and scale you would like for each of the main melodies you just composed in the previous exercise. The emphasis of this exercise is on getting you used to choosing a key and a scale that helps express the message and emotion of the main melody and lyrics you have composed.

End Result
When you know you can choose a key and scale for the song lyrics and main melody you have composed, and they all blend together perfectly so your song message is clear, you have completed the exercise.


Important note
The sequence of composing a song with the lyrics first and then the music has been chosen as the Songwriting Model to base the info in this website on to give a foundation to work off.

It is understood that some Songwriters may prefer to compose the music first and then the lyrics, or compose them concurrently, or, write just a piece of music with no lyrics.

The author wants to you to know that how you deal with your own creative urge is always senior to everything in this website, so feel free to adapt the info within to your own preferred composing sequence.

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