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Step 7) How to Compose your Music – Part 14



                           Some Key Points to Ponder


Who are you trying to reach
It’s a good idea to have in mind the type of listening audience you are writing the song for, or what type of people you think would like your type of song.

A song is a communication and it has to go somewhere to someone, just like if you wanted to say something, you would decide who you were going to say it to and say it, whether that was one person, or 100,000 persons at a large gathering.

It’s an intuitive, and also instinctive exercise when composing a song, as you normally don’t have a live person or large audience in front of you to add more reality to the communication of your song in terms of feedback like in a normal conversation.

A pervading spiritual intention transcends rules
You could make your song extremely appealing to a much wider audience because you are giving it your all you’ve got, (which essentially means you are participating in your composing, playing and singing of your song so completely that you spiritually transcend the normal barriers of likes and dislikes), and, is the essential ingredient when analyzing the makeup of a Great Song.

That would suppose you are extremely in tune with what people need and want in the world, which may seem rather general, but is one of the rewards of disciplining yourself in being very intuitive as you continually observe those around you and the world at large.

People love Music
It’s usually the music that catches the interest of people first, before any interest is shown in the lyrics, even though great lyrics complement the music.
Adjustments to your lyrics may need to be made at any point in the songwriting process, so they fit your music, or say clearer what your original inspiration for your song was.

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