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Step 7) How to Compose your Music – Part 10




Some things you may need along the way
 A music dictionary for your use
 An English dictionary for your use

An overall look at music basics
  The history of music
  All about sound
  Listen to the different scales
  All about keys and scales
  All about intervals
  How to play different instruments

It is presumed as you are now on Step 7), you have already done the previous Steps 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6 detailed out in Section A).

The following Steps 11–27 will breakdown the music composing process in detail.

Important note
The sequence of composing a song with the lyrics first and then the music has been chosen as the Songwriting Model to base the info in this website on to give a foundation to work off.

It is understood that some Songwriters may prefer to compose the music first and then the lyrics, or compose them concurrently, or, write just a piece of music with no lyrics.

The author wants to you to know that how you deal with your own creative urge is always senior to everything in this website, so feel free to adapt the info within to your own preferred composing sequence.

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