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Step 7)  How to Compose your Music – Part 20



Your satisfaction – worth repeating at this point
Play your song again and again using your chosen notes and chords until you are completely satisfied it’s how you want it to sound.

Make it so people want to listen to the music and the lyrics by listening to it objectively, and decide whether it makes you want to listen to it or not. Make any adjustments or changes as needed.

Step 7 Part 11Listener Inspiration: A song should inspire the listener in a similar way that you were inspired when you composed it. Listeners love this type of interchange as you probably already know from your own experience. Playing expertise may be a governing factor in the intensity of that interchange but doesn’t necessarily have to be. • Inspiration is further defined here.

Songwriting is all about getting your intended communication across to the listener, and they connect and respond because they get inspired by it.

Calmly focusing all of your attention on what you are composing right now is a sure way of enhancing your ability to inspire and connect to your listener. The following link is being repeated due to its proven effectiveness, and will assist you to • calmly focus and connect.

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