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Expanded definition of what actually makes a song GREAT – Part 5



Separating out from your mind and body
The more you can successfully separate out your own viewpoint (which is really you) from your mind and body as you compose and perform, the easier it becomes to generate a connection of intense pure spiritual communication and emotional energy in your song that transcends time and space, leaving your listeners captivated.

That is the magic that can result from a great performance of a great song, like this incredible  video/music production, and this  song, and also  this one.

In that separated state you may also find it much easier to generate an unlimited amount of your choice of any of these  other song ingredients into your listening audience as you perform, like  in this performance.

Here is a  dance performance that shows a truly unique audience connection.

And, here’s an interesting way using comedy to punch home the innate ability we all seem to have to feel or perceive a spiritual connection with another.

Every great performer I am sure has their own particular way of separating out, but know that even if they take it for granted now after years of experience, in the beginning they followed some sort of spiritual and/or mental process to achieve that state, whatever that was.

There is asimple and very workable way that has used by many with success to help them separate out their own viewpoint from their mind and body, and so is being presented here as a way for you to improve your spiritual connection with yourself and your audience.

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