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Expanded definition of what actually makes a song GREAT – Part 7



Summing up what is meant by a Great Song
Hearing a Great Song captivates you, and can uplift you way beyond your normal state of mind, leaving you separated out from everything in an elated state for a while.

When a listener or a whole audience feels so connected to a performer that they feel they are in the same space as them, they then KNOW they are spiritually connected. In fact some performers are so good at it they put their audience into a unique spiritual state that feels very separate from the space and time they’re accustomed to.

Then you often see them creating with the performer, inwardly or outwardly, in a physical, emotional, or spiritual way, or a mix of those, and think to themselves, “This is a Great Song.”

The more intense that experience, the greater they think the song is.

The more people that happens to, the more people think it’s a Great Song.

Sect B greatness.always youjpegAs a Songwriter it is always YOU who makes your song GREAT
Your listeners instinctively feel or perceive how much you are giving of yourself while performing your song.

Although a great melody and lyric can inspire people, it will spread like wildfire to the ends of the Earth, if you are there driving it every bit of the way.

Most successful songwriters/performers develop their own understanding of the above info, if by no other means than using their innate desire to want to really communicate with others while composing and performing.

It all seems to be about that simple.

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