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Expanded definition of what actually makes a song GREAT – Part 1



What makes a song Great….
It’s you.
It always has been.
How much of yourself you put into your song determines its Greatness.

Here’s a short exercise you can do to demonstrate that to yourself.

• Here’s a short video that shows a singer creating Greatness telepathically while using their voice.

Here’s a longer video that gets into achieving the uniqueness of your own Greatness that lies within you.

And here’s a very simple description of who YOU are really?

Vital info: Always keep in mind when writing a song’s music or lyrics, a basic approach is that your performance of it should instinctively portray the original inspiration you created the song with so well that it captivates and inspires the listener to join in somehow with the song, by them creating with it in some way, often openly, but sometimes in a quiet or silent way inside their own world.

When the songwriter/performer gives enough of themself while creating and performing their song, it results in inspiring the listener to respond back in some way, just like in a great conversation between two people who feel an innermost desire to share their true self with each other.

When a Great Song is performed so as to deeply touch you every time you listen to it, you experience the timeless thrust of a being’s intention to communicate, whether live, on CD, or played from musical manuscripts of long ago.

The Great Classical Composers had very strong intention
The Great classical composers of years gone by such as Bach, Beethoven and Mozart, had such strong intention to communicate and engage their listeners within their music, that their • own intense personal necessity level to truly communicate and inspire those listeners in a deeply emotional way actually transcended the normal barriers of time and space.
That is obvious given the fact that audiences are STILL to this day captivated by their music, even though their music is being performed by random musicians hundreds of years after their death.

And remember they composed using only written manuscripts, as there were no videos, records, or CD recordings in their day. Everything about the performance of their music had to be communicated on the written manuscript, as they composed it.
Lyrics which help carry a song’s message and are widely used today, were not often used back then except for operatic compositions and the like.

The above artistry was and is driven by truly intense spiritual intention, and when it comes down to what people really desire, most people yearn to be emotionally touched by another spiritual being as it seems to remind them of who they really are within.

And thus there is Magic
As the Songwriter, if you compose your song with that degree of inspirational necessity to connect to your listener, then the emotion, rhythm, speed, timing, melodies, and all the ingredients you want to put into your song will probably start appearing to you more naturally, even magically, and without strain.

Of course it is presumed that your inspirational necessity to connect to your listeners is going to be created and intensified as you build your song, and also start performing it. Getting used to doing that is your key to your success, which you will clearly realize once you start doing it consciously all the time.

You could liken the above to a scenario where you had just “one chance” to say something really important to that special person. Most likely you prepared what you were going to say so when you communicated your innermost feelings, both of you were happy you said it, and you felt that other person really understood how you felt about them.

You see the point…. You responded appropriately to that “one chance” necessity needed to really connect with them because you considered that special person important enough that they should really understand what you wanted to say to them.

Necessity levelYour own necessity to connect
Creating and performing a Great Song demands you consciously transfer that necessity to connect into your CD listeners or live audience, and they feel or perceive exactly what you are intending.

Listeners can like or not like what they hear, but the performer(s) can up their chances of positive acceptance by their listeners just by touching them spiritually, even if it isn’t their usual type of music they tend to listen to.

When you are creatingyour own necessity to connect with your listeners they are getting the opportunity to know you in a very spiritual way, and they will be very satisfied with your performance if you can deeply touch and move them spiritually/emotionally, which can often end up with them feeling more themselves.
You may even notice some of your listeners communicating back to you telepathically, which I might add is one of the coveted rewards for any Great Performer who values and communicates their songs at a high level of spiritual intensity.

Some performers might say they are “feeling the love” or similar comment, which seems to be their own way of describing that unique experience we call telepathy.

You’ve got to “touch” them spiritually and emotionally
You’ve got to “spiritually and emotionally touch” your CD listeners and live audience in a way that truly captivates and holds their attention.

By generating that intense necessity to connect to them, they in turn feel that intention and instinctively want to respond to you in their own personal unique way, just like when you truly love someone and they love you.

Sudden inspirational dancing or singing along, or feeling elated and even separated out from the normal problems of life are often some of the responses that can happen as a result of your spiritual and emotional connection to them.

How much Necessity to Connect is needed
The amount of necessity to connect you need to create and generate to break through the normal social barriers of your listeners could also be simply described as consciously and knowingly generating your own passion into your audience so they feel it too.

You’ll know when you have generated enough because you will perceive your audience is all of a sudden more with you. It’s a spiritual perception you get used to using the more you do it, but you probably already know intuitively how to “read” your audience, just like you know if someone is listening to you while you are talking to them.

Note: While a catchy beat or tune can connect to a listener, it still should have the performer consciously and actively participating in communicating that catchy beat or tune across to the listener, and not just relying on the sound of their instruments or voice, or an interesting gimmick.

100% Focus = 100% Magic
When a composer performs his or her song and is willing to focus all of their own spiritual and physical attention and energy on consciously driving the emotion and message of every note, chord, rhythm, melody and voice generated, and also demanding that others helping perform the song do the same using their own passion, the results tend to achieve the miracle of a Great Song.

The magic generated by a spiritual being as described above is probably why Great Performers and Great Artists of all types tend to be worshiped by us all, as that magic is one of the purest ways the genuine spirituality of a human being is expressed.

Connecting using other art forms
Here’s an example of a 12 year old creating a truly magical connection using ventriloquism as the way for her to connect with her live audience at a talent show she entered.

Here’s another example of her using a story she makes up while singing a great song, which focuses on one of the judges at the next round of the same above talent show, and how extremely successful she is in using her calm and very inclusive personality with everyone there, and with whom she creates her own necessity to connect.

Assume she practiced for many hours to get that good. Notice how easy and effortless she makes it all look, which is always the mark of someone who has become very familiar and comfortable with blending themself into a complete visual display that is very easy and calming to watch.

Including others in your own space
People like feeling lots of space around them when communicated to, so it’s important to get your attention way out there, at least to the last person you can see in your audience. When a person feels your attention right on them it tends to make them feel safe with you and more willing to experience what you have to offer them because you have included them in your own space.

It is obvious the above performer calmly includes everyone in the audience while focusing on the judge she chose for her main message.

Love your audience and listeners
And finally, loving your CD listeners or audience so they intuitively feel you love them, is another way of describing the urge to spiritually connect.

Love can magically open the connection into each listener’s unique but often very private world, which any performer will tell you is the ultimate reward, and something that can never be bought, but only earned by a mutual respect between the performer and their CD listeners or live audience.

That respect and connection IS the priceless thrill awaiting any Songwriter/Performer and their CD listeners or live audience in this otherwise VERY materially oriented world that we all share.

A sad note: there is a movement that has infiltrated the world called AI (Artificial Intelligence) which is being pushed into us as a substitute for our own normal desire to participate in every aspect of our lives.
AI can be useful in life but it still can only do what it has been programmed to do, and to rely on it too much can make one reliant on something other than that which makes life special, which is YOU.

A human being has the ability to create their own virtual computer within their own world and is a far better computer than any AI, for no other reason than it has YOU in charge of it. But you won’t find that out for yourself until YOU start consciously relying on and using your own ability to do this to help you achieve your own unique brand of creative magic.

The spark that creates and drives a Great Song and all life is a spiritual thing. Substitutes for spirits are everywhere. Ever wondered why you don’t feel yourself sometimes?

The more of YOU present, the more LIFE is present, and things naturally go better when you’re around.

To ensure there is more of YOU present when you write and perform a song this link has been shown over many years to help you do that.

People do seem to become fascinated with a computer that starts doing and thinking like they do, which would be amusing if the long term consequences for such substitution weren’t so saddening. 

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