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Expanded definition of what makes a song GREAT – Part 9

Concerning any Art Form
Any art form, whether it be a painting, photography, poetry, a design of something, acting, sports, a living person (their style, charisma, and how they present themselves), all can be better understood using the concept of connecting with other beings. 

A Great painter, for example, participates so completely while painting that the observer feels their presence, even 100’s of years later when looking at it.

The presence of a spiritual being is timeless and deathless.

It’s always about whether the art form or performer communicates to the viewer or listener so well that they become inspired to want to participate and create with the art form or performer in their own unique way, just like when you feel someone you like or love very much becoming a part of your world so intensely that you want to become a part of their world too, and, vice versa.

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