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Expanded definition of what actually makes a song GREAT – Part 2



Analyzing a song by just its physical sounds
Any voice or instrument makes sound vibrations which are sound waves that can be seen and measured on an electronic oscilloscope screen as they vibrate the surrounding air. These sounds are then heard and differentiated through your ear drums. Listen to  this recording for an example of a voice and an instrument sound together.

Listen to  this recording which is made of just instrumental sounds and no voice.

Listen to • this recording which is a mix of several different instruments and a voice blended together.

Click here to get a more technical explanation of sound waves

Analyzing a song a little more
You intend the sound of your voice or instrument that you infuse with your emotion and message, into the listener so that they receive your song clearly, and they feel better in some way as a result, such as feeling closer to their dreams, or how they would like to feel, like  in this performance,  this one, this one, and  lastly this one.

Your personal taste for which type of sounds you use, at what frequency you play or sing them at, how you arrange them, which ones you emphasize, and the rhythm you use, also have a major influence on whether a listener likes your song, or not.

What can happen as a result
When a listener likes your song, and feels or perceives enough of your participation in your performance because you took the time needed to really make it your own song, they identify with it in some way. It can inspire them to want to buy your song so they can do their own thing with it. Their understanding of technique and musical theory may also influence them while listening.  Here is a favorite that shows the above.

Here’s some more examples like in this video where you can see technical mastery, but you still feel that intense level of communication from the performers.

The singer in  this video demonstrates a presence that is so captivating, that the judges thought she was lip syncing because of how beautiful she sang, and how connected she was with everyone.

In a live performance, the connection that sometimes occurs between the performer(s) and the audience can become so intense that you get  this happening.    Here is another song where the singers and musicians really communicate to you, and • here is another performance where you can actually feel the warmth and love from the beings that are singing.

How much of yourself, or your intention, do you need to intend into your song to make it Great?
As much as you see is needed to create the desired emotional impact within the people listening to your song. That can be observed by your audience’s reaction to your song, whether you monitor that by their level of joy, and/or simply the number of your CD’s people buy.

Your own willingness to generate that desired amount of emotional impact is solely up to you, and that willingness that only comes from you will always be your personal monitor for generating the amount of emotional impact you want to create within your audience or CD listeners.

There are practical exercises in this website that can help you to increase your willingness and ability to generate the desired depth and intensity of emotional impact with your audience and CD listeners that you perceive is needed or desired, especially in  Section A) and also in Section G).

Greatness-part-1The thrill
There is a real thrill the listener gets from a Great Song that has the silent intention of captivating them in it’s beauty and  passion.
When you also feel a desirable or memorable change within you, the performer has really accomplished the magic of a Great Song, and subtly, its unspoken purpose. 

And as the performer you experience that thrill too, which is very rewarding spiritually.

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