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Expanded definition of what actually makes a song GREAT – Part 17



Presenting a Singer/Songwriter who has truly mastered it
 This singer/songwriter is one of just a few who has mastered the art of composing and performing songs.
She has this never ending and genuine willingness to spiritually connect to her live audience and CD listeners with such love that they instantly become mesmerized by her unique magic.

The intensity of that connection coupled with her own physical beauty, her poise, her perfect timing and easy going professionalism, has set a new standard as far as what a Great Song can sound like.  Here’s another example of her intense desire to communicate to her audience.

You can also you can see that intense spiritual connection in a concert she gave in France many years ago, which is shown in this incredible performance, and in this song from the same concert.

Her own  necessity to connect spiritually to her listeners using her unique and very permeating voice, is made up of simple and very alluring melodies, perfectly delivered, with an aesthetic and unrelenting desire to make you feel good.

She usually composes her songs with a partner, and then she will perform them with her band, like in this  2015 performance.

Her ability to sing with all her being, in the moment she is in now, whether in a live concert, or in a recording, plus getting all who play with her in perfect sync with whatever she is doing, is a continual joy for her listeners, whom she genuinely loves.                      

She has also mastered the ability to be a performer who knows it is her job to captivate her listeners with her own passion, uplift them far beyond their normal state of mind, and inspire them to instinctively join in with her, which you can see her do in her own unique and effortless way  here and  here

She seems to command a lot of space when she performs, and one might suspect she is silently intending her songs to not only her audience, but actually way out towards the ends of this universe  like in this performance.

Quite often one finds oneself feeling inwardly captivated by her presence and sincerity, as she sings incredibly beautiful melodies and song arrangements that even the gods would be inspired by, like  in this performance.

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