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Expanded definition of what actually makes a song GREAT – Part 11



There are those who want you to fail
Your own intense level of love and admiration that you generate into an audience can also stir up resentment, and most performers who have paid their dues in the music world will have a few of their own stories of those one or two people who just had to make that crushing remark, or covertly try to introvert them while appearing to be complimenting their performance.

Some music critics have done that sort of thing too.

You can even get those who think destructive thoughts towards you which you don’t see or hear, but you can sure feel those people covertly intending them into you  telepathically.

The type of person that does the above, probably does the same thing to themselves in some way, and they may be better off saying it all into a mirror, or better still, going off and accomplishing their own artistic goals that they didn’t achieve earlier.

Looking back they most likely ran into the common problem of trying to connect spiritually with another but failing at it.

Conditional: It is not recommended you do the free online course and any exercises below unless you have a genuine and sincere interest in doing them.

 Here’s a video on how to identify destructive type peopleand a free online course is offered under the You Tube screen to help you in your occasional meetings with them.

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 A way to beat them at their own game
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