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Expanded definition of what actually makes a song GREAT – Part 6



Proof of the spiritual nature of a Great Song
Receiving pure, captivating and uplifting spiritual communication in the form of a Great Song is gladly welcomed by all races on Earth, as it seems to soften the impact of time.

The proof of the spiritual nature of the connection described above, becomes obvious when you listen to an audio or video recording of your favorite musician or singer that’s putting everything they’ve got into their performance, and you can actually feel or perceive their presence, even though they are not physically near you. 

To experience that presence watch this • videoThen listen to it again without looking at the video, and see if you can “feel” or “perceive” the singer’s presence. Now try that same exercise with  this one

Now repeat that same exercise using one of the  greatest songwriter/pianists and singer of the 70’s & 80’s.

Spiritual connection Part 3

Consciously putting yourself into your song
Consciously making sure you are the dominant thrust for your song, and as part of that thrust making certain you are consciously using your body to help you do that, ensures your song doesn’t lose any of you in the technical performance of it.

After you get used to doing that every time you compose and perform, it will become second nature, just like you see in any of the already existing great songwriter/performers, plus you will probably notice a higher percentage of Great Songs originating out of you.

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