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Expanded definition of what actually makes a song GREAT – Part 4




Making it your own is VITAL

 An essential part of ensuring that connection occurs in a song would require you already went through the process of making the song your own in a way that was enough to generate that listener connection using your innate urge to want to do that, which would be done before your final recording or performing of it.

That essential connection is generated by you through your body resulting in your final communication to your listeners using the sounds of your instruments and voice, and enhanced by one or more of these • song ingredients as you present it to the world.  

Sect-B-Expanded-def-of-greatensss-part-2--150x150Creating your own style or brand
The combination of all those musical energies generated together gives you a style you become known for, which is really your own brand of musical communication that you want your listeners to hear and experience, which may vary as your creative whim of the moment evolves or changes. 
Here are two unmistakeable brands demonstrated by  this performerand  this one.

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