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Part 4–3 Exercises to improve your ability to connect with your audience.


The exercise below gets you used to connecting spiritually with all sorts of people you don’t know that are hanging out in crowded areas. In that way you get better and better at connecting to your audience (who you probably don’t know anyway), and thus improve your ability to connect to each and every one of them every time you perform.

After you do it for a while it becomes quite easy.

Conditional: it is not recommended you do the different methods of practicing in this Part 4 unless you are willing and interested, as their degree of personal participation required maybe more than what you are accustomed to.


Practical Exercise 4–3
Go to a crowded area and start up a conversation with different people. How you start the conversation is up to you. If you want to start with people you know then do that, and build up to people you don’t know.
The emphasis on this exercise is getting you comfortable with calmly talking with people of your own choosing and you know with certainty you are truly connecting with them and mean what you say.

Conditional step
If you are not progressing through the above exercise in a way that is satisfying from your view, then it is suggested you do the following exercises as they are laid out. This should make the above exercise much more real and easier to do for you.

End Result
You feel very comfortable you can calmly talk with anyone you choose and know you are connecting with them spiritually. Use your own intuition to know you have truly connected with them.

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