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Part 4–8 Exercises to improve your ability to connect with your live audience



The senior most important performing quality

The senior thing to keep in mind when singing or playing your instrument is that everyone at your concert or listening to your CD should know you are singing or playing your instrument direct to them.

Using your intention to carry your voice and instrument sounds into each and every person in your audience, or where you perceive them to be if you are recording a CD, is the key to your success.

As you get better at doing that you’ll find it becomes less mechanical. Using your breathing apparatus and vocal chords for your voice to sing any note your song demands of you tends to become as easy as talking. Same principle applies to the playing of your instrument.

If you feel the need to, review the info on • spiritually connecting.

Busking (street playing) is a great way to improve your connecting skills, as it tests your ability to connect with people who are busily walking by you. You’ll notice when you do connect with them they tend to be more inclined to drop money in your guitar case or empty hat as their response. Try it and you’ll see for yourself.

The above describes singing and playing using the power of your own intention to connect with people through your body’s voice and breathing apparatus, and your actual playing of your instrument.

Conditional: it is not recommended you do the different methods of practicing in this Part 4 unless you are willing and interested, as their degree of personal participation required maybe more than what you are accustomed to.

Practical Exercise 4–8
Go to a busy street where there are lots of people walking by and take out whatever your chosen instrument is and start playing and singing. You can also choose to just sing with no instrument.

The emphasis is on connecting with people walking by. When your guitar case or empty hat (or whatever you use) has a good chunk of money in it, you’ll know you have connected with complete strangers, which is what you will be doing mostly when you make a CD, but also at your concert.

Emphasis here is on you knowing you can capture the attention of people walking by in front of you, and also capture the attention of the people walking by on the other side of the street as well.

Comfortably including all the people on both sides of the street at the same time during your playing and singing, could be likened to the front and back rows of your concert hall.

End Result
Knowing with certainty you can connect your singing and playing with many people that haven’t even heard your songs before is what you want to achieve as a result of doing this exercise. And, many people dropping money into your guitar case or hat definitely proves you connected to them with your playing and singing.

Note: You can be assured that being able to connect with random people on the street will give you a high level of self confidence and make your live concert performances much easier, as those at your concert have at least agreed to be there by paying a chunk of money, unlike pedestrians walking past you on the street.

Practice makes Permanent
You can be sure that practicing the above exercise and all the previous ones as much as you feel you need to will guide you into making those performing skills second nature and quite permanent, with the competence level you envisioned for yourself.

Now Write a Song

Write a song about truly connecting with people to punch home to yourself the true essence of the exercises you just did.

Ensure you go over what you have written so far in your Performing Code and add, remove, or refine anything in it to show how you see it should be now.

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