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Part 4–7 Exercises to improve your ability to connect with your live audience.


Breathing is a key part of singing and also helps with your timing and where you emphasize notes so it is very wise to get very familiar with how you breathe and get used to controlling that mechanism in your own body so you can use it effortlessly to enhance your singing.

Conditional: it is not recommended you do the different methods of practicing in this Part 4 unless you are willing and interested, as their degree of personal participation required maybe more than what you are accustomed to.


Practical Exercise 4–7
This video gives you some basics on how to breath while singing. Practice what the singing teacher is doing in that video with her breathing and voice as you watch it again.

Added note: Consciously observing and controlling your breathing so you always have enough breath to carry your voice across to where you are intending it, is the emphasis of this exercise, and one you should always focus on till it becomes second nature to you.
By doing that you will intuitively figure out how to time your breathing using your own intention, which you are constantly using to drive and direct your voice with. This will also help you sing the notes you want in the tone and pitch you want.

End Result
When you KNOW you can control your voice to do what she is doing easily, and you know you can use your voice to express the timing and emphasis in the song you have chosen to use to practice, you have achieved the end result.

Added note: You may discover that the further out you intend your voice from where you are standing the bigger and stronger your voice becomes, and you also may notice less strain or effort as you get better doing it.

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