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Part 4–2 Exercises to improve your ability to connect with your audience


The exercise below will help you improve your own natural intuitive sense of knowing when someone is really connecting with you or “just going through the motions” where there is no feeling of life in the communication. That connecting is the magic that audiences yearn for and why they come to see you perform, so it’s well worth taking as much time as is needed to get the end result of the exercise below.

Conditional: it is not recommended you do the different methods of practicing in this Part 4 unless you are willing and interested, as their degree of personal participation required maybe more than what you are accustomed to.


Practical Exercise 4–2
Go and talk to someone, and while they are talking back to you start feeling or perceiving exactly where you feel or perceive their voice is landing in your vicinity. Also notice how much intention they are using to get you to understand what they are saying.

Do this with as many people as needed until you can easily locate where someone else’s voice is landing in your vicinity. When you suddenly feel their voice connecting to YOU, notice the difference from earlier communications when that didn’t occur.

Emphasis is on developing your own intuitive sense for perceiving when someone is just talking to your body or somewhere else, and when they are truly talking to YOU.

Note: The above attempts to give you a guide into your own insight and what the idea of truly connecting with your live audience is all about, but it also applies to a CD recording when you get the idea of intending your performance telepathically way out to your listeners. You may even have some idea of where your intended listeners are located which takes it out of the “going on hoping” category.

End Result
That you know intuitively when someone is talking at you or to you. In other words you can easily recognize the feeling or perceive when someone connects with you spiritually, and as a result, gain a personal reality on the importance of you connecting with your live audience when you perform.

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