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How to compile your very own Performing Code–Part 9



Find out what inspired you to make your Performing Code
Becoming fully aware of the exact inspiration that motivated you to compile your very own Performing Code will help you greatly with your willingness to use your code, as you keep your attention firmly on why you went to the trouble of compiling it.

Exercise for figuring out your exact inspiration for compiling your Performing Code
If you haven’t already done so, the emphasis in this exercise is on discovering for yourself the exact reason that will make sense for you to have and to use your very own Performing Code.

It’s wording will be clear and precise and inspire you to perform the way you want to instantly.

Start writing down in a list, your own reasons until you resolve it for yourself, and are totally certain you have done it. Doing this will add a driving motivation to help you maintain the level of necessity needed to stay connected with your audience while performing.
♦ Now add, remove, or refine any items in your Performing Code.

Result expected
You know with certainty that using your very own Performing Code will inspire and emotionally captivate your audience exactly how you want.

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