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″How to compile your very own Performing Code–Part 7




Making each point on your Performing Code your own
Below is an exercise to help you make your Performing Code your own. Do each point of the exercise thoroughly and to your complete satisfaction.You will be very glad you did.

Conditional: You should not attempt to do any exercises listed out below unless you feel a genuine and willing interest to do so.

Practical Exercise Part 7
a)  Now you are going to put yourself through the very personal process of making each point you have decided to list on your Performing Code your very own. Here is an explanation aboutyour own instincts and intuition. They are key in helping you make things your own.

Emphasis is on getting very familiar and comfortable with making each point on your code your own is the whole purpose of the exercise below. You could describe it as infusing yourself and leaving your very own personal mark in every point on your code.    

Just “don’t stop till you’ve said what you want.

Know that just like your Songwriting Code, your Performing Code is going to be based on actions you are confident and familiar with using, remember future improvements and changes can always be done later on as you learn from your experiences.

Making each point of your code YOUR OWN will ensure YOU are participating in every part of your finalized Performing Code and thus your performance. That intensity of ownership and personal participation tends to inspire audiences to intuitively feel themselves again and respond by joining in with you in their own way, assuming of course they also like your song.

There is also your use of the opinion of others about your performing ability which may give you ideas, but only use those ideas if they make creative sense to you, and you feel you can also make them your own.

b)  Take the first item on your Performance Code and write down all the reasons and advantages as to why you want to make it your own.

c)  Now write down any reasons you feel are preventing you from making it your own.

d) Repeat b) & c) , and keep repeating them back and forth until you have total certainty you have made that code item 100% your own and have no urge or need to think about that decision anymore. You should intuitively feel its part of how you want to perform now.

e) Now apply steps b), c) & d) above to each remaining item on your Performing Code.
Now add, remove, or refine any items in your Performing Code.

Result expected
You can now read through each point of your Performing Code and notice you don’t have any urge to think about it at all, but instead an immediate urge to USE each point as you read it, and clearly envision yourself doing that.

Repeat the above exercise if you feel the need.

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