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How to compile your very own Performing Code–Part 5




Find out what you use to inspire your creativity
Your creativity starts somewhere.The following exercise will help you discover what innate ability you use to create with.

Conditional: It is not recommended you do any free online course or exercise below unless you feel a genuine and willing interest to do so.

Do the following Exercise on beingness
1)  Learn the definition of  beingness before you watch this video, so you really understand what the lecturer means when he talks about the artist and his ability to grant beingness.
Watch the video again if you feel the need.

2Work out for yourself on paper how you like to grant beingness as an artist. Your final description should be worded simply and concise, and leave you with no question it totally describes that ability in you. It may even make you smile.
Now add, remove, or refine any items in your Performing Code.

3)  Now re-watch this inspirational video on achieving your dream

Now add, remove, or refine any items in your Performing Code.

Expected result
Your newfound ability to grant beingness you just worked out should instantly motivate you to want to write or perform a song.

Conditional Step
Here’s an exercise to help make your newfound ability last, but only do it if you know deep down that’s what you need.

a) Read  this link and follow its directions.

b) Read and follow the directions in this link.

c) Read aboutyour own necessity to connect, and then work out on paper how you could infuse your own necessity to connect into your newfound ability to grant beingness  you just discovered for yourself in point 2) above. Keep wording it until it is simple and directly stated.

You should end up with a certainty that you have a real self motivational tool to inspire you anytime you want to a write song or perform one.

d) Now re-look at this  this video.

Now add, remove, or refine any items in your Performing Code.

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