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How to compile your very own Performing Code–Part 6



Interferences that can get in the way of Performing well
Interferences to your performing can alter or even crush it. Below are remedies for several common interferences that seem to inevitably occur in the life of a Performer, and an exercise to help you get used to using them as you move forward in your life.

Conditional: It is not recommended you do the free online course and its accompanying exercises linked to below, unless you feel a genuine and willing interest to do so.


Do the following exercise for resolving interferences
The emphasis for this exercise is on remembering when you feel interfered with in some way by someone or something and it is affecting your performing, to know exactly what to do and have the confidence you can resolve that interference to your own satisfaction.
1)  Read  this so you start to get a better idea of how to always stay on top as a performer, then click your back button to continue with this exercise at point 2) below.

2)  Choose one of these interferences that you feel may apply to your ability to perform, or even how you feel right now, and click on it to get the info and workable remedy.

3) Read the short explanation and watch the linked You Tube video and then do the free online course so you get familiar with using its remedy to help you resolve your particular interference.
 Now add, remove, or refine any items in your Performing Code.

4) Repeat points 2) & 3) on any other interference you find that applies to you until there aren’t anymore that grab your attention in any way.
 Now add, remove, or refine any items in your Performing Code.

End result
You now know that if someone or something interferes with your Performing you have access to simple remedies that can help give you a positive direction forward. Your degree of familiarity with using them will determine how quickly they come to mind in any given situation, and get resolved the way you want.

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