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How to compile your very own Performing Code–Part 13


For your final action
For your final actions you are going to make a Command Performance video presentation of one of your songs, or of someone else’s if you prefer, and end with your own certainty that it will be a hit.

Conditional: It is not recommended you do any of the exercises below unless you have a genuine and willing interest to do them given the degree of personal participation may not be what you are used to.


Practical Exercise for your Command Performance video
1) First thing you need to do is review each part of What a Great Song is actually made of, and decide which of those ingredients you want to include in your performance, and write them down.
Then go over each ingredient you wrote down and resolve thoroughly how you are going to use each one in your Command Performance video.

You may want to number each one and write that number in the part of the song or lyric sheet you want that ingredient to be used. That can be very intuitive, and while it gives you a plan, you may also decide to change it once you are performing your song. It’s all about using your artistic ability to create the song the way you want.

The list of ingredients in  Section B) simply gives you a choice of things to use in your song.

2) Make your video.

3) Watch the video recording of yourself assuming the viewpoint you are an audience of yours.
Now add, remove, or refine any items in your Performing Code.

4) Now watch your video again and notice :
how you inspire,
the emotion you make yourself feel while watching,
and how well you feel connected to your own performance as a listener.
Notice how you stand and hold yourself,
and where your eyes are focused, or if closed, where your attention seems to be (that will be a somewhat intuitive or spiritual perception, so do the best you can).
Now add, remove, or refine any items in your Performing Code.

5) Watch the video again as though you have never watched it, and observe anything else that you like or admire about your performance.
Now add, remove, or refine anything in your Performing Code you now see is needed.

6) Make a new and improved video of you performing the same song.
Repeat points 1) through 5)  above on your performance once you have completed videoing it.

7) Repeat the above points 1) through 6) until you have made a total of 10 videos of yourself performing your song.

Note: If you feel you need to make more than ten videos then go right ahead.

End Result
The whole intention of the above exercise is to resolve any mystery or concerns about how you look and sound to others who are listening to your performance, and, that you are completely satisfied you have created a Command Performance video that you are very proud of and know it will be a hit.

You would also know it is complete because you are:
a)  very satisfied with everything about your performance,
b)  you feel your performance truly connected with you as the audience,
c)  convinced you would pay money to see your own performance,
d)  and while watching your video you are so captivated and inspired by it that you instinctively respond by joining in somehow as a captivated and elated audience.
e) Now for a final test of your ability to perform and captivate your audience do the exercise in this link.

Now add, remove, or refine anything in your Performing Code you now see is needed.

Once you have achieved the above points a) thru e) you can consider Your Very Own Performing Code complete.

Later on of course it goes without saying you can always make adjustments to your Performing code should you feel the need.




a)  Should you feel one or more of life’s interferences are preventing you from completing your Performing Code, or your final song in some way, you can review the following  common interferences to see if one of them catches your attention.
b) Click on the link and do what it says until you’ve resolved it to your own satisfaction.
c) If needed, repeat a).
c) Keep repeating a) unti you intuitively know you can complete your Command Performance per the End Result as stated above.

Click here to go to Section H – An Overall Summary

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