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Introduction to How to compile your very own Performing Code



Performing Success
Compiling your very own Performing Code to your complete satisfaction should predictably result in your audience feeling really glad you performed for them. If you follow your code they should feel a deep spiritual connection with you that inspires them to feel themselves again and want to keep you and your music around for a while.

The parts that make up this process of compiling your very own Performing Code invite you to take a personal journey of discovery through your own creative world.

Once you have completed compiling your very own Performing Code to your complete satisfaction, you tend to notice your own certainty for “wowing” any audience you want.

A veteran performer can tell you about what they went through to get to the level of competence they now enjoy, and that experiential learning process is vital to any profession or activity.

Accelerating that learning process is not only possible but a sure thing if you are willing to honestly and diligently use your own Personal Code for Learning as you compile your Performing Code.

What is your own Personal Code for Learning
It is never compromising one little bit with your own sense of knowing when you’ve really understood something.
And, your best test for that is if you can easily do what you just learned without *thinking about it.     You just do it.
It is the key to ensuring your future success, so treat it with that degree of importance.

*Thinking is defined here as the internal or • telepathic process that you instinctively do within your own virtual work space within your own unique world, as you figure out an idea or technique back and forth, back and forth, until you know you understand it so well you just do it, without all the figuring or “thinking”.

The Basics of Performing
The basics of performing have been touched on in varying detail in the different parts of How to Write & Perform a Great Song. Those parts have been linked to as part of the now Complete Step by Step Guide for compiling your very own Performing Code.

Conditional: You should not attempt to do any free online course linked to, or any exercises suggested during the compiling of your very own Performing Code, unless you feel a genuine and willing interest to do so due to the intensity of personal participation often needed.

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