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How to compile Your Very Own Performing Code–Part 1


To begin with do the following:
a) Watch a video recording of your favorite musical performer, and write down everything you like and admire about their performance.

b) Now watch that performer again and add to your list:
how they inspire you,
the emotion they make you feel while watching them,
and how well they connect with you.
Notice how they stand and hold themselves,
and where their eyes are focused, or if closed, where their attention seems to be (that will be a somewhat intuitive or spiritual perception, so do the best you can).

c) Watch the video again as though you have never watched it, and observe anything else that you like or admire about their performance and add that to your list.

d) Repeat point b) above, again as though you have never watched the performance before, and add to your list anything you newly observe.

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