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How to compile your very own Performing Code–Part 12



Building your own certainty
All you are really trying to do during the process of making each item on your Performing Code your own is removing from it anything that you don’t feel expresses the real you, and how you feel and see things.

A bonus from compiling Your Very Own Performing Code can be a lessening of the urge to feel you have to seek the approval of others, because you have made the effort to build your own certainty for performing, totally separate from other peoples’ opinion.

Also know as you evolve as a performer, and as a person, you may find your awareness of how you view yourself and your own performing evolving and changing, and you may find you want to make changes to your Performing Code.

Expect a need to change your code over time, but don’t forget to go through the process of making those changes completely your own, whether they originate from you or someone else.

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