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An Overall Summary – Part 13



Your Songwriting & Performing Codes are the keys to your success
As you become more and more familiar with using your very own Songwriting Code, and then your very own Performing Code, you will notice those self–generated reminders in them becoming increasingly second nature to you while composing and performing.

You will see the essential importance of those codes as you use them more and more to compose and perform with. 

Increasing familiarity with those codes will also increase your certainty while using them. As your certainty increases, your need for thinking about using your codes or trying to remember them decreases.

You may also notice with that increased familiarity, that those things that earlier may have interfered with your composing or performing will now seem like faint memories of something you probably just needed to go through and come out the other side of. 
A sense of intense freedom can often follow, with a high degree of certainty in it.

A comment on being famous….

You are a spiritual being, invisible to the world, but perceived by other beings to have created something great. Let that be your inspiration to continue inspiring other beings. That mutually shared admiration between Songwriter and listener is eternal, and always will be.
It seems only bodies have this incessant urge to be famous. You are a spirit, timeless and deathless.


Final Result
When you fully complete How to Write and Perform a Great Song, writing and performing a Great Song will seem very natural to you.

Just keep your body in good enough shape so it can continue to play and sing them.


                               You will be great!


An Invitation

If you now have an urge to help your family, friends and others to achieve what you have by completing How to Write and Perform a Great Song let us know through the Contact Form that appears on any page in the menu bar.

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