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An Overall Summary – Part 12


Reminding yourself newly, as many times as needed, what you intend to create, will help ensure you achieve it. Writing it down always helps. That’s where your Songwriting and Performing Codes never fail you when you use them to write or perform a Great Song.

Persisting is an intended thrust forward by you.

In actual songwriting, you persistently intend your attention into what you are composing until you end up with the song you want. The following links to those vital basics are being repeated to ensure you really get those key points, so click  here, and  here

And, here is a way to finalize your song ideas the way you want to.

Step 6 Pt 1 base

The wondrous simplicity of re-listening
Re-listening to your song at random times over a period of a week or more, each time listening to it as though you have never heard it before, will surprise you how much easier it makes the process of simplifying and refining it, until you reach that point where you KNOW WITH CERTAINTY your song is just the way you want it to be. 

Interferences do happen
Life can sometimes interfere when you are trying to compose or play a song, and that should be sorted out if needed.  Click here for a common list of interferences and their individual remedies. 

Basics – putting it all together
Emphasis on, and constant adherence to basics, is the key to great songwriting and performing. You will find  these basics are helpful in strengthening and improving your songwriting and performing skills.

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