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An Overall Summary – Part 11



Telepathic Communication
Sometimes you find yourself communicating with another, without words or sounds. This is called telepathic communication, and it means a lot to people. 
Telepathic communication is simply communicating your intended thoughts as a  spiritual being with another spiritual being, without using your voice, just your intention projecting your thoughts to them.

Another way it could be described is people seem to use  their instincts or intuition to help them perceive and understand what they see or wonder about. They could be wondering about someone or something that they would like more certainty on so they can resolve what they are thinking about and move forward with confidence. That telepathic conversation within one’s own world is simply the normal process one goes through, and may only last a second, or go on for a month, or even a year or more.

It is the “thinking process” of life you could say, and its success is up to you.

Telepathic communication is actually part of most communication between people, and so it follows the formula of communication as detailed in  this video.

It’s as natural to you as breathing. You “hear” it, just not through the eardrums of your body. 

Telepathic Communication is really part of every communication 
Observe yourself communicating something and you will see you are also intending what you are saying. Take away your voice, and what is left is just you intending that communication.

Try doing the above observation in front of a mirror or to a friend, and it should become clearer, especially if you do it for long enough.

Telepathic communication with yourself
Telepathic communication with yourself, your mind, or your body and its driving forces, is simply how we operate as human beings.
It’s how you make sense of things while you are thinking them through, and then getting your body to carry them out. It is how you internally think through your song ideas and turn them into a finished song, explained further  here.

Telepathic communication with your listeners
When an intense and captivating enough telepathy occurs while listening to a great song, the listener will often experience a spiritual connection with the performer that is awesome, whether it’s live or a recording, and the performer may feel or perceive it also in some way, even if never talked about by them.

Your telepathic communication made into sound
Instruments that make sound, and the human voice, are used to hear your musical thoughts. One naturally hopes that many people will like your musical thoughts made into songs and respond in their own way, just as you would respond to a meaningful talk with someone you like or love.

Your intention carries your telepathic communication to others
Because you want your song to be heard, you instinctively tell your body to play and sing your song, and that silent intention you use, gives motion and life to your inner telepathic musical ideas, thoughts and dreams.
The more intention you use to drive those inner telepathic musical ideas, thoughts and dreams, the more people are touched by your song.

As spirits we use telepathy to communicate all the time, even though we also use our body’s hearing and voice mechanisms to ensure our communication is eventually heard and understood.

So, as you may now have realized, your telepathy is as CONTINUOUS as your urge to communicate.

When your body dies you’ll realize that telepathic communication IS your primary way of communicating, and at that point, your only way, so why ignore something you already know how to do and never stop doing, even if taken for granted and done automatically.

Robotic communication (literally it feels like you are talking to a robot) is very boring, never inspiring, and lacks the spark of life that people want and expect when communicating, and that goes for robotic type song performances as well.
Any person knows instinctively if the being themself is participating in the communication or song performance, or just being a “talking head” as they are sometimes described.

Personal note: any negative feelings concerning getting your telepathic communication heard and understood by another or others can be easily handled (if only temporary) by simply reminding yourself that you are the one communicating, and you can do something about it by consciously using more directed intention and focus.

A more lasting result is possible to achieve with genuine and diligent use of this info.

Going through the write up How to Write and Perform a Great Song will help you become very familiar with your own ability to create, and as a result, increase your confidence in using your own telepathic abilities CONSCIOUSLY again, and not taking them for granted as is so easy to do given we always have our bodies to help us be heard and seen.

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