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An Overall Summary – Part 10



So…what is a song really?

A song is really just a communication. It starts with an intention or desire of yours to invent or create different types of sounds that you like, using instruments and voices. When you play or record those sounds, others can hear and enjoy them too.  Here is a video that shows the formula of communication which could be applied to your Songwriting and Performing.

Just like if you say something to someone and you hope they will talk back to you, so similarly when a person hears your recorded song, you hope they will respond to it in their own way. As you aren’t there with them, their response would vary greatly.
Live concerts would have more predictable responses, as the performer and the listeners can see each others’ body, which helps bring more reality to that interchange.

Your intention gives life to your song
Because intention is spiritual in nature, it gives life to your recorded song, and it drives it right into your listener, as long as you put enough of it in your song when you recorded it. Same goes for a live performance.

You learn to develop your own certainty of when your listeners really receive your song. You can intentionally direct your song wherever you want it to go. That is the beauty and magic of being yourself, a timeless and deathless spiritual being, unbound by physical barriers, and willing to telepathically communicate. Here is a  further explanation of that concept.

Adding your own necessity
You should always generate  your own necessity into your song, You use your intention to carry your own necessity over to your listeners.

In fact, you use your intention to infuse any of these  key ingredients into your song, so your listeners become captivated and motivated to respond in their own way.

You are a spiritual being, and always have been, so it’s impossible for you to run out of your own intention.

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