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An Overall Summary – Part 6




Always remember this:

If you’ve ever had a passing thought that you could write a Great Song, you probably already have the ability to write one, with no more ability than you have right at this moment. 

Compiling your very own  Songwriting Code – Section A) Step 8 will help you realize that in real time, after you have done the previous Steps 1–7 of Section A).

If you have ever had a wondrous inspiration that truly separated you out from your mind and your body, and left you in your more natural state of knowing what you know and effortlessly creating a Great Song “out of thin air”, then the write-up How to Wrtie and Perform a Great Song will be more real to you as a way to create those magic moments anytime you want.

The above also applies to compiling your very own Performing Code.

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