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An Overall Summary – Part 5



You have to tell your body to play or sing

Instruments and voices don’t play or sing by themselves. You have to tell your body to play or sing, in liaison with its driving forces, even if it seems to you just an automatic response that is normal.
When you remember that your body is simply a tool to help you play and sing, you’ll have much more control over using it.

If you truly desire to get the understanding that you are not your mind, your brain, or your body, the online course mentioned • in this link will help you do that, but don’t be surprised if it takes you longer than expected, and don’t attempt it unless you are genuinely interested.

Knowing yourself well enough so you have an unshakeable certainty on how you actually compose and perform a Great Song is what you can personally achieve after completing the program How to Write and Perform and Great Song.

That program is VERY insightful, and will guide you through a step by step process of compiling your very own  Songwriting Code and your very own Performing Code, plus developing your very own certainty on how to resolve  interferences that can affect you, and your ability to play and sing what you just thought up.

The real secret to the intense workability of the above two codes is their emphasis on helping you decide what goes into them, until you are certain it is exactly the way you want. That intense personal process also takes into account any later improvements and changes you will inevitably see the need for.

A timeless truth to gain certainty on throughout your Songwriting and Performing is, YOU are the only one who really knows how to create and perform your own Great Song.

An experienced and successful Songwriter will tell you the same thing. Just ask one.

Copying never works that well, unless you spend enough time to really • make it your own, which then of course takes it out of the realm of copying someone else’s doesn’t it. 

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