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An Overall Summary – Part 9



Your ability to play and compose as you practice
Playing what you are thinking, playing with other musicians, or being able to play your songs in a professional manner, requires you are competent on your instrument. 

The write-up  New and Exciting Ways to Practice was written to enhance and improve whatever your existing ability is in playing and composing. 

For help on a specific instrument or using voice  this link will help you do that.

Also, it’s a good idea to start consciously reminding yourself while practicing and songwriting, that you are the one making it all happen. You’ll find it’s a simpler way of looking at things once you get used to it. 

You are priceless
Sadly, it is widely agreed upon on this planet that it is normal to deny yourself, and even considered the honorable thing to do, but that does not work very well if you are trying to compose and perform a Great Song.

Being invisible doesn’t make it any easier to be recognized for who you actually are, and in fact, people often talk about you, the spirit, as having “heart”, or you actually being your “heart”.

While a heart does pump blood within the body, and keeps it alive so you can play and sing what you are composing, it doesn’t actually provide the intelligence and creativity to compose or play a song. It just pumps blood.

Sect G part 4Protect yourself
Protect yourself, and nurture yourself as you would a newborn baby.

You are the source of your own life, and your own great songs.

And…the better you feel, the better your song will be.

You are priceless!

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