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An Overall Summary – Part 8




The Essential You
The truth that you are the source of your own Great Songs has been mentioned many times in this website.

When you can really get your wits around that idea, you will start to grasp the wealth of songs you have potentially at your fingertips, which likely have been patiently waiting within your own world for you to tap into.

A quick look at your own power
To really get what I am saying, go now to your favorite instrument, and consciously stop yourself from intending anything about composing or playing, but try to compose or play some music. Notice what happens…….nothing!

You are the source of everything that has to do with composing and playing songs, and ultimately, your whole life.

Section G part 3Ponder the following
If you were to really slow down your thought process while composing, you may be able to experience the perception of yourself as a spirit using your own intelligence and your body to help you write the song.

If you didn’t really slow it down, you wouldn’t be able to perceive the above, as the interchange is too fast. Plus I’m sure you would agree, it’s not something people normally think about.

The one permeating truth you have going in your favor is that you are a spiritual being, and you are in charge of your own creative potential.

How to tap into and use your creative potential as a songwriter is why  How to Write & Perform a Great Song was written.

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