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How to  get those musical ideas out of your head – Part 1


The whole idea is to get your musical ideas and thoughts that are inside your head, out of your head, and into a form so you and others can hear and experience what you just pulled “out of your head”.

How to get music that is inside your head, out of your head, is the same as saying “out of you”, or “out of yourself”.

It seems the head and its brain functions have been chosen as the central control point for the spirit to coordinate their life.

An easy way to record your musical ideas
Get yourself a small, handheld digital voice recorder. Most cell phones have one built-in.

Have it with you, so whenever you get inspired, you can record your song ideas by singing or saying them into the recorder.

Using your voice is effective, as you may not have your favorite instrument close by when you get an inspiration for a song, and it is a fast, easy way to capture a great tune or set of lyrics you just thought of.

The direct way of recording your musical ideas
Composing directly on your favorite instrument is still the tried and proven method of creating and then recording melodies however, although some songwriters may use their voice to write their songs, and then add instrumentation afterwards.

When all is said and done…
All you want to be able to do is record your melodies and lyrics.

For those of you who may not be able to easily mentally capture and play a musical idea on an instrument at the speed of how you think and create it, singing it into a digital recorder makes that part of the composing process more doable.
Then you can take your time to hear it, back and forth, back and forth, while bringing it to life on your favorite instrument at your own speed. That same process would also apply to creating your lyrics.

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