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How to get those musical ideas out of your head – Part 3


If you don’t have any ideas to get out of your head, but you want to write a song then you will need to increase your willingness to be inspired, to inspire yourself, and to inspire others. Click here for more info on inspiration.

You can treat it like an exercise or a drill, or you can wait for an inspiration.

A professional songwriter would get better and better at consciously inspiring themself the more they do it, and then they don’t have to rely on waiting for that inspiration to magically appear so they can write a Great Song.

Going for a walk in an area you like, watching your kind of movie, listening to great music, or surrounding yourself with people that are inspiring, are some of the ways that may help you get inspired. 

Section C) also gives you some ideas.

The main point being made here is that when you are inspired it seems to magically make it much easier to get those ideas out of your head and into your song.

Over many years of constant observation of what works and what doesn’t, the simplest way to get inspired or inspire yourself is to become calmly focused in your own moment of NOW.

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