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What is meant by Interferences

Songwriting and Performing are essentially spiritual in nature.
You are the songwriter. You are the Performer.

In your true native state you are simply a spirit,  explained further here.

You will probably want to use your own created “virtual workspace” to throw around musical and lyrical ideas until you are satisfied they sound right. Not being adversely affected by any reactions or uncertainties that your mind often uses to interfere with those musical and lyrical ideas, is a natural urge you have to maintain your own originality.

You have a body that you use to play and sing those musical and lyrical ideas.

Things do happen to you during living, good and bad.

Some of those things can end up interfering with your songwriting or performing.

You could probably think of some interferences that have affected your life in the past, and thus your composing and performing.

Using Alcohol and Drugs
Alcohol and drugs simply don’t work that well, as they get you thinking or feeling you are someone or something other than your true self, and that only diminishes your own originality. Any fully rehabilitated addict will confirm that.

The common interferences
Many of the common interferences have been listed out in this  Section D), with links connecting you to remedies, which have all been previously tested over an extended period of time for workability prior to their being posted in this site.

Each remedy to each interference is very direct, and very precise, and only require your willingness and interested participation in applying the directions provided.



The main reason for removing interferences
The vital essence of Great Songwriting and Performing is spiritually connecting with your listeners, other band members, and yourself, using voices and instruments. That connection is what people like to feel and experience.

Interferences can prevent Great Songwriting and Performing from occurring and it’s better to just remedy them as they occur.

Conditional: It is not recommended you do any free online course or any exercise in this Section D) unless you feel a genuine and willing interest to do so, as their demand for personal participation is probably more than what you may be accustomed to.

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