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Frustrated in trying to play what you are thinking

The frustration of not being able to play what you are thinking can slow or dull your composing process.

That situation is not solved by a single remedy. It usually requires several remedies.

Here are some links that may help you in this area:
 A music dictionary for your use
 An English dictionary for your use

Please read this first

An indispensable basic

You should feel at ease

What a Great Song is actually made of

Basics refresher #1

Basics refresher #2

Basics refresher #3

Guitar playing refresher

Piano playing refresher

For anything that was missed

New and Exciting Ways to Practice

How to get those musical ideas out of your head

An Overall Summary 

Conditional: It is not recommended you do any free online course or any exercise in this Section D) unless you feel a genuine and willing interest to do so, as the degree of personal participation required may be more than you are accustomed to.

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