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Section D) Things that can interfere with your Songwriting

“Quick Access Index to all parts of things that can interfere with your Songwriting and Performing…”   Here is a… Click Here!

“What is meant by Interferences…” Songwriting and Performing are essentially spiritual in nature. You are the songwriter. You are the… Click Here!

“The Hidden Interferences…” As a composer, you want to have a song come out just the way you want it… Click Here!

“Money troubles…” Money is a valuable you receive when you do things for another or others that they wanted done.… Click Here!

“Someone squashing or putting you down…”   If someone is squashing or putting you down it can make it hard to… Click Here!

“Relationships that are upsetting to you…” An upset in your marriage can interfere with your composing. Any relationship that is… Click Here!

“Experienced a loss…” A loss can affect you terribly, and can interfere with your ability to compose. The often devastating… Click Here!

“Always quarreling with someone…” If you find yourself always quarreling with someone despite every attempt to resolve it, you may find… Click Here!

“Has your personal integrity weakened…”   Personal integrity gives you inner strength and self confidence, because it gives you your… Click Here!

“Lost your creativeness…” Life can cease to be fun. It can become too serious. Inspiration suffers as a result. Composing… Click Here!

“Difficulty staying calmly focused on your songwriting…” For how to increase your ability to stay calmly focused on your songwriting • click… Click Here!

“Illness, injury or pain…”  Illness, injury and pain can interfere with your composing. There are simple solutions now available, to… Click Here!

“Drugs & Alcohol and their side effects…”   Medical Drugs have their use but can be abused. Street Drugs seem to… Click Here!

“Don’t feel you play or sing well enough to write a Great Song…” Don’t worry. Here are a few instructional… Click Here!

“Difficulty learning something you need to know…” When you have difficulty learning something you need to know, or want to know… Click Here!

“Frustrated in trying to play what you are thinking…” The frustration of not being able to play what you are… Click Here!

“Your child seems unresolved…” Children need much understanding and compassion. A child’s needs can be more than one might think,… Click Here!

“Just don’t feel motivated…” A goal that excites you to the core of your being, will also motivate you to… Click Here!

“Feel unhappy…” One can feel unhappy about anyone or anything. It seems what one is unhappy about, one was at… Click Here!

“Feel disoriented…” You can get knocked about by life experiences. Sometimes it becomes too much and you feel disoriented. Confusion can… Click Here!

“Other Life Tools that may be helpful…” Here are some unique Life Tool videos that were found to be very… Click Here!

“In Summary…”     Never give in to the interferences from your mind and your life while songwriting or performing. Understand… Click Here!