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6. How to ignite and protect your own inspiration



Artists see the goodness and the beauty in things. Songwriters write songs about those things. This video explains more about that and how to use it to inspire yourself and others.
(an uncommon word beingness is used in the video and is defined  here.

Here are some videos and exercises to help you to write some inspirational songs
Conditional: It is not recommended you do the free online courses or any exercises detailed out below unless you feel a genuine and willing interest to do them, as their degree of personal participation required maybe more than what you are accustomed to.

1)  Read • this link and apply the info, do the exercise exactly as directed to their stated result, get inspired, and then write a short song.

2)  Learn to create  your own necessity level to connect, get inspired, and then write a short song.

3)  Practice  this new way and then  this more disciplined way, get inspired, and then write a short song while practicing in those ways.

4)  Now re-look at this  this video and then work out on paper the main ability you have that makes you the artist you are and the one you want to become. The right one should suddenly get you inspired. When you get the right one, write a short song with that in mind.

5) Here’s a a broader look at interferences that can block inspiration

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