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2. Emotions


Emotions are a window into how a person is doing at that moment.

Emotions are commonly viewed as negative or positive depending on their effect on you or another.

Positive emotions within oneself or another could have been part of an experience that may have been inspiring at an earlier time, and now something similar triggers it, and you feel that inspiration again.

Negative emotions can be made into beautiful songs too.

Emotions are different wavelengths of energy generated from you or another. You can feel and sense those differences.

Interacting with people, and the experience of that, brings about all the things we view and accept as the emotions of life.

Understanding a person’s emotion well enough can help you predict what’s next with that person, and also spark ideas for songs about them.

 Here is a video to help you really understand and predict peoples’ behavior. A free online course is offered under the video screen which should give you plenty of ideas for some songs.

Conditional: It is not recommended you do any free online course or its exercises unless you have a genuine and willing interest in doing them, as their degree of personal participation required maybe more than what you are accustomed to.

Understanding how each emotion affects one’s state of being, can melt the barriers between oneself and others, and thus open the door again to inspiration.

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