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Section C) Things you can write songs about

Quick Access Index to all parts of “Things you can write songs about”   Things you can write songs about… Click Here!

A re-look at Inspiration: one way it could be defined, is a newly perceived clarity or intense emotional experience about something,… Click Here!

1. You You are probably the best source of ideas for what to write songs about, and hopefully inspire yourself.… Click Here!

2. Emotions   Emotions are a window into how a person is doing at that moment. Emotions are commonly viewed as… Click Here!

3. Calmly observing what’s in front of you   While calmly observing what is in front of you may seem rather… Click Here!

4. Survival impulses we have   We all like to survive in our own way. The more of life we include in… Click Here!

5. Greatness   Many things have been said about what makes someone or something great. There are many great people, great… Click Here!

6. How to ignite and protect your own inspiration     Artists see the goodness and the beauty in things. Songwriters… Click Here!

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