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Your own pure intention : it originates out of you, thus it is  spiritual in nature. It can pervade and permeate any barrier to arrive where you are intending it, as long as you continue intending it until you know it got to where you want it to end up.

It comes from your own desire to communicate to oneself, another, or others, and although silent, it is always the driving force behind any type of communication resulting in:
1) something beginning,
2) something changing,
3) and something completing.

The above would include all the variations that make up the actions that life needs to keep it alive and interesting.

Your own pure intention is used  telepathically, and is the driving force that carries anything you want to do to wherever you want to do it. You can use a lot of intention, or a little, whatever you feel is needed.

Emphasis: Your own pure intention arrives within another or others solely because you consciously and continually don’t let up until you know it got there.

In a live concert a Great Performer does that for an average of two hours, and that takes a conscious and continuous spiritual resolve to achieve.

A song composed without you consciously infusing your own pure intention into it can feel like it is missing something, and doesn’t particularly inspire the listener to participate and give to it something of themself in their own way.

When a listener is engaged by your song they tend to respond by singing along, or simply infuse their own internal emotion into it, silently or otherwise, while being inspired in their own way, or just share your song with a friend.

All your song’s ingredients show how you “color” your intention to create the desired emotional and spiritual impact  you want.

section-G1Generating enough of your own pure intention into your listeners ensures that the  integral parts of your music and lyrics become infused within them, and a result inspires them to respond in some way. The more positive responses, whatever they may be, the more popular your song will become.

A song is simply an aesthetic way of communicating to others using music & lyrics, instead of just talking or writing. 

But really, every communication including talking, letters, books, emails, texts, or any art form that you actually receive and understand from someone, has that person’s own pure intention in it to a greater or lesser degree, so you could say telepathic communication is quite a normal occurrence, even though we can take it for granted.

section B intentionYour own pure intention could also be described as your will, directed at someone or something for a reason, with the idea of getting a response, getting a simple task done, or, getting something bigger accomplished.

Putting your own pure intention into your song is the same as saying putting a part of your own self into your song, which most people feel or perceive quite easily as long as you put enough  into it.
You might say your own pure intention is the senior driving force for any type of communication that human beings use here on Earth.


How much of your own pure intention do you generate into your song?
Using your own pure intention to drive your own necessity to connect, • passion and any     other ingredient, it will become visibly obvious when you’ve created enough because your listeners will appear emotionally captivated by your performance, and flowing back to you in their own way, which is always unique and rewarding for any performer.

You could monitor your success by CD sales, or by observing how captivated your audience becomes while performing live, and also their willingness to respond back to you in their own way. 

As you write and perform more songs consciously using your own pure intention, you will tend to find yourself wanting to increase the amount that you generate into your composing and performing because you see the great effects it causes within your listeners, and within yourself.

Summary of ingredients Part 1Turn off Autopilot
As emphatically stated above here, you have to make a conscious effort to generate your own pure intention, as that intention solely and only comes from you.

All the  ingredients that you put into your song are carried across to your listeners by your own pure intention. 

Sometimes you have to make a conscious effort to generate your own pure intention, as that intention solely and only comes from you. Trying to force it out in some way alters its natural purity. The quality of your song will suffer also, as you would be adding something to it that shouldn’t be there.

Understanding this info and doing the exercises will help you generate your own pure intention in a calm way.

If needed here are some common interferences with remedies that have been found to alter the purity of your own intention.

A helpful Mantra you can use

Songwriter/Performer’s Mantra:Listen to the Rhythm

(Mantra here means a simple statement that is important enough to repeat to yourself as you are songwriting or performing, until it becomes second nature)


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