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Your attention:  there is another ingredient that is vital to composing music and lyrics, and that is your attention.

To write a song, you intend your attention into your own created virtual workspace, and you maintain your attention there using your intention to get it to utilize whatever knowledge and abilities you have about songwriting, resulting in your body playing your finished song the way you want.

Using your attention might also be likened to  telepathically using your intelligence, or your ability to differentiate and make sense of things, and eventually you bring into existence what you intended.

Thinking is a telepathic process that uses your attention, maintained simply by using your intention. Something that you notice you can do without thinking about it simply tells you that you already completed the thinking process concerning it, and all that’s left is a certainty about doing it, just like when you master driving a car or a job you have become very good at.

You know innately you must use some of your attention to get anything done that you want to do.
It seems as far as using your attention to write a song, you telepathically collect up and put your attention on what is in your own experiential memory using whatever knowledge and understanding you feel you need.

That truthfully is not really much different from the normal thinking you go through with any problem or situation that you instinctively use your attention to figure out.

When you have pure certainty about someone or something, thinking about it is not needed, and instead, direct action results.

It’s very worthwhile to always strive for attaining a high degree of certainty with anything you do in life. It makes life effortless and much more fun.

Note: I have not focused on you using your mind to create songs. Your own ability to create your own virtual workspace as a spirit is much easier to create in, and doesn’t have the loss and pain memories innately inherent in your mind, which tend to interfere.

Your Attention and Songwriting

The write-up How to Write & Perform a Great Song is comprised of 8 Sections labeled Section A) through H), and each part of each Section relies on your use of your attention so you can learn, understand, and eventually include all of it into your composing and performing of your Great Song.

Each part is designed with the common theme of guiding you through your own unique creative thinking process that will finally result, if you do it for long enough, in your composing a Great Song with no more need to think about what you are creating.
You have moved into a state of ability where you just know what you want to create without the need to think.

But of course your creative thinking process which includes choosing a melody and how to arrange it, will always be something you put yourself through till you are satisfied, just like when you want to learn new note and chord progressions.

This info and exercises in this website intentionally focus your efforts on those actions that will result in you being able to compose and perform a Great Song, and the idea of chance has been totally ignored.

As you apply the exact steps of Section A), which incidentally leads you into the other Sections as needed, you’ll start to discover and get in control of your own Greatness, and how to use it to write and perform a Great Song anytime you want.

When How to Write and Perform a Great Song is done sincerely and thoroughly by you, writing and performing a Great Song tends to become second nature to you.

An unspoken self-discipline
There is an unspoken self discipline that is required for learning how to compose and eventually perform a Great Song, which is embracing the idea of taking as much time as you need to make each part of How to Write and Perform a Great Song 100% your own, so after you have completed the whole process you’ll be able to write and perform a Great Song.

The reason you need to make each part of How to Write and Perform a Great Song 100% your own is, that each part is just a guide into the creativity you already possess but haven’t used in a while, or never used.

So, you need to develop a sort of sixth sense you might say, so you get to know when you have made a specific aspect of your creativity • your own, and feel you can comfortably use it without thinking about it anymore.

To shortcut that creative process, even if you have your own way of doing it, will shortcut your success in a less than positive way, which sometimes you don’t find out until much later on.

Read and apply  Sections A) to H) to get more of a reality on how to tap into, understand, and use the creativity you already possess.

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