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What actually makes a song Great: 
A Great Song telepathically inspires and captivates your hope and courage in such a deeply emotional and heartfelt way that you       intuitively start making the song your own by giving to it personally, and a loving trust begins.

The song seems to permeate your whole being as ONE emotional and captivating wave of uplifting inspiration.

The Songwriter/Performer consciously causes all that within you because they want to.

So, what determines how Great that song becomes…
It’s how many people the song telepathically inspires and captivates their hope and courage in such a deeply emotional and heartfelt way that they start intuitively making the song their own by giving to it personally, and a loving trust begins.

The above describes the human intuitive process that determines how a song becomes a Great Song in its own intended way.

Note: the telepathic connection described above may be invisible to the naked eye, but it’s unmistakable to a spiritual being.

  Here is a singer who demonstrates that unmistakable telepathic spiritual connection by captivating and emotionally inspiring everyone to join in with her as she performs a truly Great song.

Here’s a quick overview.

Following and doing How to Write and Perform a Great Song will show you how to do the above exactly.

Describing the above in more detail
Breaking it down even further it seems that a Great Song has this unique spiritual connection that elevates it into Greatness because all its performers have telepathically connected in a unified way with its emotional inspiration and melodies, and then made it their own so well that their  own passionnate performance of it instantly inspires you to join in and add something of your own to it, often openly, but sometimes just quietly to yourself.

A Great Song touches you so deeply it instinctively has you feeling more yourself again, which these performers achieve very intensely using song and dance.

It seems that the above spiritual phenomena occurs as the listener connects with the intended Rhythm that the performer(s) generates. That Rhythm could be slow, medium, or fast.

In fact, when a performer touches you that intensely it becomes very obvious they are connecting with you and your own Rhythm in a more spiritual way, and it’s so warming to experience that type of direct communication from another being, which this song does nicely.

The willingness of the performer to connect to you and your own Rhythm that intensely is really the willingness of the performer to fully participate in their own performance so completely that you feel them openly inviting you into their performance and innermost feelings, sort of like when you really love someone.

Breaking down that spiritual phenomena even further, the performer when preparing for their performance is consciously infusing themself telepathically into every  ingredient of the song while leaving their personal mark, resulting in a certainty they now own it.

When the performer knows they totally own the song, they also know they can make a listener or a live audience connect to their own Rhythm and feel like they own it too. And so a Great Song is presented and received by the world, and a loving trust begins.

Here is a Great performance to help show the above, plus this one, and lastly, this one.

The above spiritual process can be experienced by the performer where they feel a complete separateness from the normal distractions of their own mind and body, leaving them just as themself, with all their own unique spiritual perceptions and intelligence they innately have and now effortlessly using as they wish. Great Performers are idolized when they can get their listeners or audience feeling in that same way.

When you consciously understand the above breakdown, you will be able to grasp the one thing that makes a song Great, and then improve it, and improve it, and improve it.

Intense participation by a performer(s) within their performance shows to an audience how much of themself is calmly or intensely focused in the exact moment they are in now.

Some examples of that:
Here’s an action movie clip that has an astounding burst of violin music that instantly makes you feel like moving with its thrust of joy.

And here isa group of artists providing real inspiration in this crescendo building performance through music and dance, which elicits quite an astounding response from their audience as you will see.

Finally, here’s a song lyric to explain the idea of being in the exact moment one is in now a little more. The following song lyric also goes over the phenomena of NOW.

A Songwriter’s intelligence could include every perception and resultant understanding they have made their own while living, and now use to create their songs.

When a being is completely performing in their own now of the exact moment they are in they instinctively ignite as a spirit, and in fact, that precise location ( which doesn’t feel like you are located anywhere ) describes the exact point where a performer emotionally captivates their listeners in this intense spiritual connection that creates an agreement called a Great Song.

Total focus as a performer is total concentration on what they are performing, and it telepathically radiates out as an invitation to join in with them.

In the following performance you may notice how effortlessly the performer is right there with you as she sings and dances, and you feel quite relaxed like you would with a good friend.

One may be able to love that special person they meet, or that special family member they become attached to, but loving a whole audience you haven’t spent any time with personally takes some getting used to.

The info and exercises in this link will help you to connect more with yourself by getting calmly focused in your own NOW and touch on abilities you forgot you had. It also happens to be the first step you do in learning how to write a Great Song in Section A).

The thrill of connecting
Get any successful Songwriter/Performer to tell you about performances when they truly connected with their whole audience all at once, they will probably start describing them as the most sacred and cherished moments of their career.

And these Great Songwriter/Performers can generate this unique spiritual love through even an audio recording like in this song, or every time they perform live, like in this concert.

Even when you add a great melody, rhythm, emotion and aesthetic arrangements, if your song doesn’t have your complete participation driving across every part of it in your performance to your listeners, whether live or in a recording, your listeners probably won’t think it’s a GREAT song. 

The warmth and love of a spiritual being can’t help but permeate the world of others, and is obviously what your listeners desire and need most from you as a performer, and  this video shows that very clearly.

And so….
The author hopes the above info helps give a better understanding about what makes a song GREAT, or any art form, such as acting, painting, sculpture, modeling, design etc.

Always being able to connect your songs to your audience, no matter what, can be a daunting task but easily learned in the following link called The Expanded Definition of what actually makes a song GREAT.

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