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Rhythm (timing, spaces, emphasis & overall speed): when you are playing a song there are points in the song that have no sound and points where there is sound. Drums are used to express a certain pattern that the song follows.

Emphasis on certain sounds in a song is done to give a sense of differentiation between the sounds.

The way in which you arrange these occurrences of sound, sound duration, and no sound, and the emphasis on chosen sounds, creates a phenomena called timing, and thus a rhythm for the music. The overall speed of the rhythm is also decided upon by the composer.

Note : These points of no sound between sounds within a song creates space between the sounds. That space of no sound could last for a fraction of a second or longer.

Rhythm that is familiar to the listener is desirable, as it gives predictability. 

There are agreed upon types of timing  shown here.

There are agreed upon types of rhythm  shown here.

There are agreed upon types of speed  shown here.

A composer, as part of their own unique composing process, will choose the different instruments and voices to make the music and lyrics, and add to them a specific timing with its spaces, sound emphasis, & overall rhythm speed, so the desired emotional effect is infused into the listener.

Some songs about various rhythms

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